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About us

VentureCap Group makes investment and marketing services easily available to start-ups and SMEs in one simple package.

Who are we?

VentureCap Group unleashes your business potential through investment.

Founded by Matthew Watson

VentureCap Group was founded in 2021 by Matthew Watson, CEO and Co-founder of global marketing agency, WeDoCRM.

What we achieved

Our Amazing Team

Alex Martinez

Chief Designer

Claudia Aria

Chief Designer

Phoebe Aria

Chief Designer

Erik Genie

Chief Designer

Our nearly 8,000 committed staff members are ready to help.

Our foundations

A unique solution for your business.

Kickstarting a business is not an easy thing, not just because of investment and cashflow needs, but also cementing your brand in its chosen industry. That's why our founder, Matthew, decided to offer a starter package for business owners.

VentureCap Group merges the two critical elements of scaling a business; investment cashflow and marketing best practice.

WeDoCRM is a global specialist in digital marketing and CRM, working with some of the world's leading brands, including WorldFirst, Emirates, Ted Baker and Elder. As part of your investment, you'll have exclusive access to agency support (additional costs may be involved).

Absolutely. We never ask for more than 30% equity in your company, meaning to remain the controlling shareholder.

Trusted by global brands

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