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How it works

VentureCap Group has designed a package of investment and marketing services to support new businesses reach their growth potential.

A package designed for success

Investment capital

We invest capital in your business, allowing you to expand capabilities and reach that next level of growth.

Global marketing agency

As part of your investment, you'll receive exclusive access to a global marketing agency to support your growth.

Protect your majority

Whilst you'll have the benefit of an additional Company Director, you'll remain the majority shareholder.

A silent partner if needed

Your business is personal to you, so if you'd prefer us to operate as a silent partner, we can. It's your decision.

Working for you and your business

We are first and foremost a support network for you and your business.

A cash injection to support growth

We invest in early stage start-ups and businesses - therefore the majority of our investment sits between £5,000 and £20,000. It's a cash injection that will enable you to scale your business to the next level and unlock greater income and investment.

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Minimal equity
Equity will never be more than 30%

Your business is incredibly personal to you. Most business owners invest everything they are and have into their venture. That's why we'll never ask for more than 30% equity stake. This ensures your business remains under your control ane leadership. We don't just invest in the business - we invest in you as well.

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Support network
Access to a global marketing agency

Cementing your business as the next big thing doesn't just take time and money, it also takes powerful marketing resource. That's why all partners will be given exclusive access to a global marketing agency that works with start-ups and global brands.

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