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Business Consulting

It’s not always easy setting up and running a business, especially for solo founders. To ensure everyone has access to the support and expertise they need, VentureCap Group offers business consulting in a wide range of areas.

Why VentureCap Group?

When you choose consultancy from VentureCap Group, you’ll work with our Founder, Matthew. Having built WeDoCRM from the ground up into a leading multi-million pound CRM agency, Matthew believes his most valuable experience and skills lie in the mistakes he made along the way and the subsequent learnings from those. Mistakes he hopes to help you avoid.

Matthew’s approach to business is all about sustainable growth, clear market-fit and an unmistakable unique selling point. No matter the area you need support and guidance on, Matthew will work with you to bolster aspects on your business, provide a sounding board for your vision and ideas, and help you turn it all into a real business strategy.

What services do you offer?


Advice, processes and expertise to help you build and run sustainable and manageable operations within your business.


Where does my business fit into the world? A crucial question we can help you answer and then develop a go-to-market strategy for.


Most businesses fail due to poor market-fit and cashflow. We'll help you develop a growth strategy that nurtures sustainability.


Software, accountancy firm, expenditures, we'll give you the advice and support you need to get your finances on point.


Selling is easy, making people listen and pay attention first is hard. Our Sales consultancy support will help you run a healthy pipeline.

Other areas

We'll always look to support you and your business in whatever way we can. Simply give a shout using your contact page.

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